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Dictionary of automotive engineering ebook

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Dictionary of automotive engineering

An explanation of the technical terms used in automotive engineering. Diagrams illustrate some of the more complex items, and a separate list of acronyms and initials is provided. The terms included range from formal terminology to vernacular, both British and American.

High-Resolution IF-to-Baseband SigmaDelta ADC for Car Radios ebook

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High-Resolution IF-to-Baseband SigmaDelta ADC for Car Radios

High-Resolution IF-to-Baseband SigmaDelta ADC for Car Radios addresses the theory, system level design and circuit implementation of a high-resolution continuous-time IF-to-baseband quadrature SigmaDelta ADC. The target application of this ADC is in AM/FM/IBOC car radios. The ADC achieves a dynamic range of 118dB, which eliminates the need for an IF VGA or AM channel filter in car radios. The a

Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing

Text presents an integrated approach to carrying out Fourier transforms (and Fourier series). Establishes a unified system, details how complex functions can be broken down to their constituent parts for analysis, and includes specific examples in the areas of digital signal processing, radar, and antenna operation. DLC: Signal processing Mathematics.

Fourier transforms are used widel

Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters (McGraw-Hill)

An up-to-the-minute textbook for junior/senior level signal processing courses and senior/graduate level digital filter design courses, this text is supported by a DSP software package known as D-Filter which would enable students to interactively learn the fundamentals of DSP and digital-filter design. The book includes a free license to D-Filter which will enable the owner of the book to down

Digital Signal Processing: Instant Access

Digital signal processing is commonplace in most electronics including MP3 players, HDTVs, and phones, just to name a few of the applications. The engineers creating these devices are in need of essential information at a moment's notice. The Instant Access Series provides all the critical content that a signal or communications engineer needs in his or her daily work. This book provides an

The Essential Guide to Digital Signal Processing (Essential Guide Series)

How signal processing works: clear, simple explanations in plain English
Breakthrough DSP applications: from smartphones to healthcare and beyond
Covers both digital and analog signals
An indispensable resource for tech writers, marketers, managers, and other nonengineers

The Complete DSP Guide for Businesspeople and Nontechnical Professionals

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