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Strategic Chess Exercises: Find the Right Way to Outplay Your Opponent ebook

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Strategic Chess Exercises: Find the Right Way to Outplay Your Opponent

Books on chess exercises are usually about tactics. But in most of the positions that you think about during a game, there is no tactical solution. What you are doing most of the time is trying to find a way to improve your position or weaken your opponent's, by applying strategic rules.
Experienced chess trainer Emmanuel Bricard has created a practical exercise manual with carefully s

Making Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture: With Measured Drawings (Dover Woodworking) ebook

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Making Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture: With Measured Drawings (Dover Woodworking)

Richly illustrated guide to the design, construction, painting, and decoration of a host of distinctive pieces — candle stands to four-posters. Includes designs for 24 popular hex signs and measured drawings for building 50 representative pieces: chairs, tables, desks, and many more. 250 illustrations. Bibliography.

Jigs & Fixtures for the Table Saw & Router: Get the Most from Your Tools with Shop Projects from Woodworking's Top Experts (Fox Chapel Publishing) 26 Innovative Designs (Best of Woodworker's Journal)

Get the most from your tools with shop projects from woodworking's top experts!

  • 26 projects for well-designed and innovative jigs & fixtures to make productive enhancements to your table saw and router
  • Exploded & technical drawings, detailed plans, and material lists for each project
  • Step-by-step instructions are

Meet Your Dog: The Game-Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog's Behavior

Every dog owner knows that along with the joy can come the stress and frustration of behavioral problems, which are expensive to diagnose and treat. Enter Kim Brophey, award-winning canine behavior consultant. Using cutting-edge research, Brophey has developed a groundbreaking system that allows owners to identify what their dog is struggling with, why, and how they can fix it. Brophey's ap

Coffee Lids: Peel, Pinch, Pucker, Puncture

If you're one of the 200 million Americans who drink coffee every day, you may have marveled at the ubiquitous plastic coffee cup lid, with its clever combination of indentations, protrusions, tabs, and score lines that can be pinched, pulled, pushed, punctured, and tucked to create an opening to sip from while also keeping a piping-hot liquid in its place. Louise Harpman and Scott Specht h

The Classical Gardens of Shanghai (Ras China in Shanghai)

In The Classical Gardens of Shanghai, Shelly Bryant looks at five of Shanghai's remaining classical gardens through their origins, changing fortunes, restorations, and links to a wider Chinese aesthetic. Shanghai's classical gardens are as much text as space; they exist in art, poetry, and literature as much as in stone, rock, and earth. But these gardens have not remained stat

My City Highrise Garden ebook

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My City Highrise Garden

Gardening on rooftops, balconies, and terraces is a popular trend. After thirty-five years of experience, Susan Brownmiller writes with honesty and humor about her oasis twenty floors above a Manhattan street.

She reports the catastrophes: losing daytime access during building-wide renovations; assaults from a mockingbird during his mating season. And the joys: a peach tree fruited f