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Structural Synthesis in Precision Elasticity ebook

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Structural Synthesis in Precision Elasticity

The book consists of two main parts: structural synthesis methods for a precision elastic system, including effective approximations  and the application of precision functional elastic systems at reference and operating conditions. Each part provides theoretical basics and a large variety of examples of application and recommendations for parametric and structural optimization. A handbook

Vibration of Axially-Loaded Structures ebook

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Vibration of Axially-Loaded Structures

This book concerns the vibration and the stability of slender structural components. The loss of stability of structures is an important aspect of structural mechanics and is presented here in terms of dynamic behavior. A variety of structural components are analyzed with a view to predict their response to various (primarily axial) loading conditions. A number of different techniques are prese

Hydrodynamics: Concepts and Experiments ebook

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Hydrodynamics: Concepts and Experiments

The present book contains chapters devoted to numerical models, experimental tools/results and conceptual aspects of fluid dynamics. 

A more detailed description is furnished in the sequence. 
The six topics that compose this book may be resumed as: Flow-Structure Interactions, Hydrodynamic Models and Biological processes in Coastal Waters, Useful Cavitation, New Conc

Sintering Techniques of Materials ebook

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Sintering Techniques of Materials

The book covers new sintering techniques on ceramic materials, metals and composites as well as reprocessed PTFE. 

The book covers theoretical as well as experimental aspects on Spark Plasma Sintered (SPS) Porous copper, development of cutting blades with high hardness and resistance to cracking and wear, increased microhardness of austenitic steel TiB2 composites obtained with h

Practical Guide To Designed Experiments: A Unified Modular Approach of Axially-Loaded Structures

Many engineers and scientists have receive little or no training in designed experiments, and any courses that are available tend to be either abstract and divorced from practical considerations or strictly practical-lacking the rigor and depth necessary for true, long-term understanding.

Practical Guide to Designed Experiments: A Unified Modular Approach bridges that gap, presenting

Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes

This book introduces new approaches to solving optimal control problems in induction heating process applications. Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes demonstrates how to apply and use new optimization techniques for different types of induction heating installations.

Focusing on practical methods for solving real engineering optimization problems, the text features a varie

Lattice Boltzmann Method: Fundamentals and Engineering Applications with Computer Codes

Lattice Boltzmann Method introduces the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) for solving transport phenomena – flow, heat and mass transfer – in a systematic way. Providing explanatory computer codes throughout the book, the author guides readers through many practical examples, such as:
- flow in isothermal and non-isothermal lid driven cavities 
- flow over obstacles&