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Origins (Catalyza Book 1) ebook

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Origins (Catalyza Book 1)

Aisha is looking forward to the college experience: Friends, partying, and studying.

But then an attack leaves her with unexpected powers. And her powers get her mixed up with the police.

Aisha must use more than her superspeed to combat the racist police on her campus. Can her wit and intellect help her not only outrun the police, but outsmart them too?

Battle of the Network Zombies (Amanda Feral, Book 3) ebook

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Battle of the Network Zombies (Amanda Feral, Book 3)

In Seattle's undead circles, Amanda Feral is one of the beautiful zombies. Of course, when you're socializing with werewolves, devils, and rampaging yetis, there's not that much competition. Still, Amanda has a stylish rep to maintain, which is getting tricky now that her tanking ad agency is obliterating her finances. The fastest way to make some cash: appear on a new reality show,

The Land Leviathan (A Nomad of the Time Streams Novel) (Nomad of the Time Streams Novels) ebook

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The Land Leviathan (A Nomad of the Time Streams Novel) (Nomad of the Time Streams Novels)

A brand-new edition of the second novel in Moorcock's acclaimed steampunk series.

Oswald Bastable visits an alternate 1904. Here, he discovers that most of the Western world has been devastated by a short, yet horrific, war fought with futuristic devices and biological weapons. An Afro-American Black Attila is conquering the remnants of the Western nations, destroyed by the w

The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co.) ebook

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The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co.)

In Book Two of the Disenchanted & Co. steampunk series, Charmian (Kit) Kittredge confronts native magics and mechanical menaces in Toriana—an alternate America that lost the Revolutionary War.

As the proprietor of Disenchanted & Co. in a steampunk version of America, Charmian “Kit” Kittredge makes her living solving magical crimes. But when a snobbish l

Dragon Mystics: Supernatural Prison #2 ebook

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Dragon Mystics: Supernatural Prison #2

Book Two In Bestselling New Adult trilogy. #1 in Paranormal Romance and #1 in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy. (This is not standalone and ends in a cliffhanger. The story will conclude in Dragon Mated - due for release early 2016).

When the formidable power of Jessa Lebron's mark was unleashed, during her impulsive foray into Vanguard, the American supernatural prison, she learned

Illicit: A Novel of the Sazi (Luna Lake) ebook

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Illicit: A Novel of the Sazi (Luna Lake)

In Cathy Clamp's Illicit, when a border dispute between two bear clans destabilizes shapeshifter relations throughout Europe and threatens to reveal their existence to humans, the Sazi High Council orders both sides to the negotiation table. The peace talks take place in Luna Lake, the American community where all shifter species--wolf, cat, bird, bear, and more--live in harmony.

Zentraedi Breakout (Robotech Rpg Adventures)

RDF & Southern Cross characters and mecha together in the same environment. An overview of the South American Sector. Details about the Argentine Quadrant, including RDF bases, outposts, cities and governments. New weapons, equipment and characters. Nearly a dozen adventures plus loads of adventure ideas.