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Brexit: History, Reasoning and Perspectives ebook

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Brexit: History, Reasoning and Perspectives

English | 1 Apr. 2018 | ISBN: 331973413X | 300 Pages | PDF | 3.55 MB

While the discussions among Brexiters mainly focus on the referendum of 2016 or David Cameron's great miscalculation and its repercussions, this book looks at the Brexit as a process that began decades earlier. It analyses EU-UK relations from a new perspective, taking into consideration the historical background, politica

Crisis in the Eurozone Periphery: The Political Economies of Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal (Building a Sustainable Political Economy: SPERI Research & Policy)

English | 22 Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 331969720X | 232 Pages | PDF | 3.61 MB

This book investigates the causes and consequences of crisis in four countries of the Eurozone periphery - Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. The contributions to this volume are provided from country-specific experts, and are organised into two themed subsections: the first analyses the economic dynamics at play in rel

Middle Classes in Africa: Changing Lives and Conceptual Challenges (Frontiers of Globalization) ebook

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Middle Classes in Africa: Changing Lives and Conceptual Challenges (Frontiers of Globalization)

English | 11 Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 3319621475 | 392 Pages | PDF | 3.53 MB

?This volume challenges the concept of the 'new African middle class' with new theoretical and empirical insights into the changing lives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Diverse middle classes are on the rise, but models of class based on experiences from other regions of the world cannot be easily transferred to the African conti

Latin America and the Rising South: Changing World, Changing Priorities (Latin America and Caribbean Studies)

English | May 19, 2015 | ISBN: 1464803552 | 249 Pages | PDF | 22 MB

The world economy is not what it used to be twenty years ago. For most of the 20th century, the world economy was characterized by developed (North) countries acting as 'center' to a 'periphery' of developing (South) countries. However, the recent rise of developing economies suggests the need to go beyond this North-South

Building Financial Resilience: Do Credit and Finance Schemes Serve or Impoverish Vulnerable People?

English | 24 Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 3319724185 | 296 Pages | PDF | 2.45 MB

This book examines how credit and finance schemes affect the financial lives of vulnerable people around the world. These schemes include payday lending, matched savings, and financial literacy in the Global North, and micro-credit and mobile banking in the Global South. Buckland sets these schemes within the context of f

Puzzles of Economic Growth (Directions in Development)

English | Dec. 3, 2014 | ISBN: 1464803250 | 355 Pages | PDF | 6 MB

Looking at the economic growth of seemingly similar countries one can find striking differences.
Why has Australia gotten so much ahead of New Zealand, in spite of the latter being held up as a paragon of free market reform? How is it possible that Austria, with its persistently oversized state enterprise sector, has mana

Institutional Entrepreneurship and Policy Change: Theoretical and Empirical Explorations (Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy)

English | 23 Apr. 2018 | ISBN: 3319703498 | 336 Pages | PDF | 3.12 MB

This book is about the role of agents in policy and institutional change. It draws on cross-country case studies. The focus on 'agency' has been an important development, enabling researchers to better reveal the causal mechanisms generating institutional change (i.e., how institutional change actually takes place). Howev