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Korea: Improving The Re-Employment Prospects Of Displaced Workers ebook

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Korea: Improving The Re-Employment Prospects Of Displaced Workers

In Korea's dynamic labour market, job displacement (involuntary job loss due to firm closure or downsizing) affects many workers over the course of their working lives. Some workers are more vulnerable than others to this risk and may face long periods of unemployment/inactivity after displacement, particularly if their skills are not well-matched to emerging job opportunities. Even when th

The Making of Global Finance 1880-1913 (Development Centre Studies) ebook

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The Making of Global Finance 1880-1913 (Development Centre Studies)

This book traces the roots of global financial integration in the first modern era of globalization, from 1880 to 1913. It analyzes the direction, destinations, and origins of international financial flows in order to determine the domestic policy choices that either attracted or deterred such flows to developing countries. The authors dispel the idea that the gold standard and other in

Marco Polo  Was  in China: New Evidence from Currencies, Salts and Revenues (Monies, Markets, and Finance in East Asia, 1600-1900)

In Marco Polo was in China Hans Ulrich Vogel undertakes a thorough study of Yuan currencies, salts and revenues, by comparing Marco Polo manuscripts with Chinese sources and thus offering new evidence for the Venetians stay in Khubilai Khans empire.

Linking an Asian Transregional Commerce in Tea (Chinese Overseas-History , Literature, and Society)

Current historical work on the international tea trade has focused on the Sino-British trade and the impact of capitalism and modern technology on tea production in India and Ceylon. These studies have overlooked the changes that were afoot in the Fujian tea industry and the problems with conducting the trade with the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. Using the Fujian-Singapore trade as an il

From Capital Surges to Drought: Seeking Stability for Emerging Economies (Studies in Development Economics and Policy)

This book analyzes the new trends in capital flows to emerging markets since the Asian crisis, their determinants and policy implications. It explains why such flows have declined so dramatically in recent years, emphasising both structural and cyclical factors. Senior bankers, regulators, and well-known academics explain the behaviour of different players. The book breaks new ground by showing

Health Economics and Healthcare Reform: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice (Critical Explorations)

The effective delivery of healthcare services is vital to the general welfare and well-being of a countrys citizens. Financial infrastructure and policy reform can play a significant role in optimizing existing healthcare programs.

Health Economics and Healthcare Reform: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is a comprehensive source of academic material on the importance of ec

Digital Television Strategies: Business Challenges and Opportunities

In Britain, America and many other countries television audiences and advertising revenues are declining. At the same time digital television and new models are emerging. This book looks at the reinvention of television. Who will be the winners and the losers and what will be the consequences? What will television look like and who will make it ? How will viewing behaviours change?