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Stellar Collapse (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) free ebook

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Stellar Collapse (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)

English | PDF | 2004 | 430 Pages | ISBN : 9048165679 | 21.85 MB

Supernovae, hypernovae and gamma-ray bursts are among the most energetic explosions in the universe. The light from these outbursts is, for a brief time, comparable to billions of stars and can outshine the host galaxy within which the explosions reside. Most of the heavy elements in the universe are formed within these

First Space Encyclopedia free ebook

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First Space Encyclopedia

English | June 14, 2016 | ISBN: 1465443436, 0241188741, 0241293421 | PDF | 136 Pages | 39.7 MB

Reach for the stars in the updated First Space Encyclopedia!

Explore the planets and discover amazing facts about nearby galaxies. A delightful first reference book about space for young astronomers, First Space Encyclopedia takes readers on a journey through the universe, from the beginnin

The Visual Dictionary of Universe & Earth : Universe & Earth (French Edition)

English | 2009 | ISBN: 2764408846 | PDF | 172 Pages | 41.9 MB

The Visual Dictionary of Universe and Earth takes the reader into a fascinating journey through cosmos to discover celestial bodies, astronomical observation equipment and astronautics, and then provides a complete view of our planet through geography, geology, meteorology and environment. Convenient and affordable, this b

Satellite Altimetry Over Oceans and Land Surfaces (Earth Observation of Global Changes)

2017 | ISBN: 1498743455 | English | 670 Pages | PDF | 173 MB

Satellite remote sensing, in particular by radar altimetry, is a crucial technique for observations of the ocean surface and of many aspects of land surfaces, and of paramount importance for climate and environmental studies. This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of the satellite altimetry techniques and related missions,

The Far Side of the Moon: A Photographic Guide (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)

English | True PDF | 2008 | 224 Pages | ISBN : 0387732055 | 224.29 MB

This book is a companion to Byrnes's award-winning Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon (Springer, 2005). It provides comprehensive coverage of the far side of the Moon, and is the first book that collects photographs from all five Lunar Orbiter missions: Clementine, Apollo, Luna, Zond,

Magnetic Fields in the Solar System: Planets, Moons and Solar Wind Interactions (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)

English | 12 Feb. 2018 | ISBN: 331964291X | 432 Pages | EPUB | 10 MB

This book addresses and reviews many of the still little understood questions related to the processes underlying planetary magnetic fields and their interaction with the solar wind. With focus on research carried out within the German Priority Program PlanetMag, it also provides an overview of the most recent research in